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Electrical Safety Inspection

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If you have concerns with a circuit breaker that trips often, or are not sure if your home’s electrical service is adequate or designed properly for your needs (air conditioning, electric appliances, hot tub, out building, etc) call Daane Electric for an electrical evaluation analysis.

Electrical service upgrades & expansion

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As electrical demands increase in your home and business, make sure the electric capacity in your current electrical system is able to handle these demands. If you still have fuses or you have circuit breaker ‘double tapping’ – the time is now to correct the potential of circuit overload.

Daane Electric, LLC is a locally owned and operated company, employing people just like you across the community.

Service upgrades include:

Put money in your pocket and help save the environment at the same time with energy-efficient wiring.

  • Properly size the circuit breaker protecting branch circuit wiring

  • Correctly isolate each branch circuit & remove ‘double tapping’

  • Install code required ground rods and equipment bonding

  • Replace wiring in violation of code compliance

  • Label each branch circuit and test polarity

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